squish and john roccia

What Do You Say to an Angry Busybody?

Random passersby convinced they care more about our own kids than we do? They’re rampant. “Put a sweater on that kid!” “Don’t let her ride that way.” “Your little girl looks so tired!” Those kind of comments are what we might call gran-eurisms: Things a passing grandma might say.

Of course they raise a hackle or two, but what gets my increasingly short-tempered goat are the ones convinced that THEY are aware of imminent danger to your kid that YOU are too stupid, self-absorbed or awful to trouble yourself about.

That’s what happened to this fellow, Johnny Roccia, when he let his almost-5-year-old play on the front lawn. His response is posted over at Let Grow. Read it and prepare for the next nattering noodnik who comes along to accuse you of not being paranoid enough.

(Photo is of Johnny and his daughter, “Squish.”)

One Response to What Do You Say to an Angry Busybody?

  1. Sue April 12, 2022 at 9:37 am #

    I’m a mother of three and grandmother of six and I am a free-range parent. Please stop with the stereotypes and ageism. “gran-eurisms”?? Really?