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hero boy 2 fire

Boy, 5, Runs Into Burning House, Saves 7

Google, “Hero, Age 5…” or 6, or 7, etc., etc., you will find a trove of stories so amazing you want to cheer and cry — and also scream: “SINCE WHEN DID WE DECIDE NO ONE UNDER AGE 9 CAN DO ANYTHING SAFELY ON THEIR OWN?” Kids’ brains, souls, smarts, bravery — all of that […]

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How (and Why) to Get Kids Back on Bikes

This video is so inspirational! It doesn’t blame parents who moved to the ‘burbs. It suggests that getting kids back to bike-riding could be key to making them happier — and the whole suburb as well. Take a look! And more of my thoughts can be found at Let Grow by clicking here.

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Insurance Industry Begs for RISKIER PLAYGROUNDS

Wha…? Well, let me hasten to add that I’m talking about the folks running insurance companies in GERMANY. There, they have found that kids growing up with little chance to learn how to assess risk (because, in part, the playgrounds are so safe and boring) end up accidentally hurting themselves more often as adults. That […]

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halloween list without name of mayor

Apparently There’s No Such Thing as TOO MANY Halloween Safety Tips!

A reader sent in this list of her town’s trick-or-treat suggestions. None are egregious — but the length of this list is. COME ON. Somehow kids trick or treated for decades, if not millennia, without advice to plan the route in advance, make sure to always take along an adult, don’t trample the flowerbeds, carry […]

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ecstasy pills

What Won’t Your Trick-or-Treaters Be Getting? Ecstasy

At a lecture on religion I attended long ago, the scholar explained that age-old religious symbols stay the same, it’s just their meaning that changes. The torches in a pagan Solstice celebration turn into the candles on the branches of the Hanukah menorah, turn into the bright lights blinking on a Christmas tree. Similarly, the […]

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single mom unsplash Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

“Reasonable Childhood Independence” Laws Really Help Single Moms

If you’re a single mom, you most likely have faced some time when you needed to have your kids handle something without you — get home from school, run an errand, stay home alone for a bit. If YOU know they’re ready, then…they are! That’s what the Reasonable Childhood Independence bills say, too. At this […]

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