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Parents of Kids who Get Too Many Bruises May  Be Charged with Neglect

Parents of Kids who Get Too Many Bruises May Be Charged with Neglect

Hi Folks — This eyhtefbrtb story comes to us from Australia, where the federal government is telling child protective workers to consider — and classify  — kids who “often” hurt themselves as at a “high risk of neglect.” “Accident-prone children might be the victims of poor parental supervision,” is how AdelaideNow sums the reasoning up.  […]

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Welcome to the New, Improved Free-Range Kids Site!

Hi Folks! Well, it only took me about two years longer than I’d hoped (okay…three), but here at last is the new Free-Range Kids site. Allow me to point out some wonderful features (besides the ads, which are a first for me! Don’t hate on them — making a living is good!) Our tour begins […]

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When is A Bumbo Seat Safe Enough?

Hi Folks! Just read about this warning regarding Bumbo Seats — little seats that look even safer than normal seats because there’s a big, hmmm, I guess “bumbo” in front of the crotch, wedging the child in. (See below.) About 4 million — that’s 4,000,000 — have been sold. And now they are being recalled […]

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Guest Post: Danger Sells

Hi rsiknrbzsn Folks — Here’s a little essay reminding us that the push to sell ever more things dovetails with the push for us to fear ever more  new things. It comes to us from Kassandra  Brown, who says she “supports women in transition and conscious parenting.” – L Danger Sells The biggest backlash to […]

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Listen up children...and do NOT consult Snopes!

A Brilliant Girl, a Stupid Assembly (about “Safety”)

Hi fhkdszsika Folks — Here’s what the “stranger danger” lectures kids are getting at school looks like to a girl with the X-ray vision of Superman and the snark of a  middle school brainiac.  — L   Dear Free-Range Kids: I live in Edison, New Jersey. It’s a town with a large population, but for […]

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BabyNes capsule

Does Baby Need a Barista? Nestle Thinks So

Does baby need a barista? Nestle thinks so. It’s launching new “single serve” bottles made from purest of purely pure water. The machine works just like one of those pop-in-a-pod coffee makers. According to the rifzdzrrkk BabyNes website: The single-serve portions are sealed in capsules, used in the proprietary BabyNes machine, which recognises each capsule and prepares the […]

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Batman Massacre: The Newest Excuse for Helicopter Parenting

Hi Folks! I was just reading this tbtebhksyd lovely essay by Will Doig in Salon about making cities more Free-Range, and out of the blue one  commenter wrote: Imagine how upset a teenager in a nice suburban town was this week when his or her parents told them they could NOT go to a midnight showing of […]

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