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College Student in Burning House Calls Parents -- Not 911

College Student in Burning House Calls Parents — Not 911

Hi Readers: Please don’t think I’m posting this as a “blame the victim” story, as I myself don’t know if I’d keep my wits about me in a fire. The ezdbkbtydf story, nonetheless, is this: A house shared by seven members of Boston University’s Sigma Alpha Mu went up in flames on Sunday morning: BU Police […]

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Moral of Story: When 8-year-olds Are Silly, The School Goes Nuts

Hi eeyneyfyee Readers — Here’s a cautionary tale for parents whose kids sometimes do dumb things. But that can’t be many of us, right? Dear Free-Range Kids: We are devout Free-Range parents and our 8-year-old son walks to and from school nearly every day alone.  We gave him a pre-paid cell phone so he can check […]

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You Know You’re Making an Impact When…

Hi tfzdastsnr Readers! You know you’re making an impact when marketers start to try to make a buck off you, as did this one. A friend who runs a parenting magazine got this public relations pitch: Dear _______: There has been a lot of discussion about “free range parenting” — letting your kids wander to […]

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Fearmonger Weighs In on “Don’t GPS Your Kid”

Hi nyhztdkdts Readers! I have a piece running on ParentDish titled, “GPSing Your Kid is Crazy.” It argues that, far from really giving parents “peace of mind, “GPSing does the opposite. It reinforces the idea that our kids are in danger every second they are not in our line of sight. It makes us distrust […]

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Sext or Kiddie Porn: Who Decides?

Hi tkebikyksy Readers — Today’s post comes from guest contributor Anne Collier, who blogs at NetFamilyNews.org and is co-director of ConnectSafely.org, a forum for parents, kids, and everybody interested in safety on the fixed and mobile social Web. Take it away, Anne! THE SEXT TALK by Anne Collier Are we turning our kids into criminals? We just […]

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What’s So Strange About This Article?

To me — everything. Here eznrnekbbe it is. It’s about a 12-year-old, new to the neighborhood on his first day of school, who missed the bus home. He and his friend started walking, apparently got lost (the reference to Fred Myer is a local grocery), and pretty soon the entire town — police, Boys & Girls Club, […]

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