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Screeeeeech! There's that mom again! (Photo by Karolina Kabat)

“I Was Ambushed by Crazies For Letting My Son Wait in the Car”

. In which self-righteous  shamers leave the gorilla world behind and return to harassing more mundane moms: Lenore, abdbbirkdz I just experienced my first crazy ‘concerned citizen’ this morning. I stopped at the dairy mart to get my son some breakfast on his way into daycare. When I’m running late, he waits the 3 minutes […]

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That'll teach you ladies to run an errand before your kids are 18!

HARSHER Penalties for Letting Kids Wait in Cars?

. Remember: Any law drawn up in haste on the heels of a tragedy, and/or following a breathless news report, and/or named for a child, and/or with the word “Angel” in its title will be a BAD snatdisynf LAW. It will not be based on any kind of study or rational examination of a problem […]

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Deciding What’s News: Child Danger Edition

Got ksnkshfrtf this letter which is so perfect, I had to share: Dear Free-Range Kids: Here we go again: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Police-Charge-Woman-For-Leaving-Kids-in-Car-265587491.html  This is the top story in Philly! When this story first broke, it was that babies were found in the car, rescued, and rushed to the hospital. Later, information emerged that the SUV had the […]

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