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"Lean In" vs.The Cult of Inconvenience

“Lean In” vs.The Cult of Inconvenience

Hi frsebbdddf Folks! This oped of mine recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal. Afterwards, I heard from guess who? Hint: She’s Chief Operating Officer of a very popular social network — and a Free-Range Kids fan! Here’s to spreading the “Kids are not in constant danger” message…perhaps via social media? – L LEAN IN […]

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Lenore Speaks!

Readers — As many of you know, when I’m not busy posting, I am often off to give a keynote. It’s how I make my living. (Not fkrrsknfhs by blogging? No. Not by blogging.) I’ve spoken everywhere from Microsoft, to the Sydney Opera House, to the Yale Child Study Center (twice!). In the next two […]

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PERVS WITH PEEPS! Children in Constant Danger - Easter Edition

PERVS WITH PEEPS! Children in Constant Danger – Easter Edition

Hi rizydfdyzn Readers — Here’s a story from this scary, scary Easter season that I’m reprinting in full from NBCPhiladelphia.com, (with some commentary):  WOMAN TRIES TO GIVE CANDY TO KID: POLICE Police are on the search for a woman who tried to give candy to a child Friday evening along a quiet residential road. [HOW […]

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Beware The Ice Cream Man (Because He’s Male)?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBTlTS2rYoI?rel=0&w=560&h=315] Hey Readers — So I’m starting to “vlog.” Be gentle! Meantime, here’s the zfyyryshas piece about the town that just voted to require background checks for those nefarious ice cream men, and here’s a note from the post about “If You are Male You are Under Suspicion” that shows how background check mania […]

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