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Between handwashings daycare workers may wash their hands.

Protocol for a Diaper Change or Open Heart Surgery?

 . If dkthzrktfi I wrote another book (no plans!) I might call it “Obsessive-Compulsive Nation.” Because in our desire to keep everyone safe from every possible danger, we are like OCD sufferers, who, according to Psychology Today: . …resort to repetitive behaviors called compulsions. The most common of these are checking and washing…. These behaviors […]

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What happens when someone else gets to dictate how we raise our kids.

My Daycare Refused to Swaddle My Son, Due to Regulations

. No izikieasia Child Left Alone: Getting the government out of parenting is the seriously great title of a new (and first!) book by  journalist Abby Schachter. It begins with this story: Do you want to see government operating as if it can and should raise your kids for you? Try enrolling your child in state-licensed […]

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One more tweet: "Please stop the calls, emails, DMs, Snaps! OF COURSE we've instituted a catch and release program in dealing with the lice!"

Snark We Can Believe In: Los Feliz Daycare

. Just in case you haven’t seen LosFelizDaycare trfnirziar on Twitter, here’s an introduction. Somehow it has its finger on the sticky pulse of whatever is pickiest, priciest, smuggest and nuttiest in the world of children and their precious adults. You sort of have to read a bunch of them to get the whole vibe which […]

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