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Are American parents the laughingstock of Europe?

European vs. American Parenting: You May Be Embarrassed

. Is tbkbshafsd all European parenting like this? Probably not. I hear of helicopter tendencies creeping in. Nor are all American children on leashes. And yet, there IS a cultural difference and this video — so simple, hence so powerful — packs a punch. It seems to be attracting another one million views each day. How […]

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Why did we stop letting you do this?

Spain to Parents: Let Your 6-Year-Olds Walk to School!

Kids age 6 are old enough to walk themselves to school, Spanish officials are telling parents. A seven-community experiment begun there in 2010 has been hailed as a success by researchers who say that allowing first graders to walk without adult supervision “builds their self-confidence.” According to this htarzebthz piece in The Washington Post by […]

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