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How can we prevent local authorities from investigating Free-Range families?

How to Fight the Laws and Culture That Mandate Helicopter Parenting

. This post comes to us from the amazing appellate and intellectual property attorney at Andrews Kurth LLP, Matthew ftadkzhbay Dowd, who took on the Meitiv cases(s), pro bono, and won!  He says he now gets to sleep in sometimes because his 11-year-old son and 7-old-daughter walk themselves to school. Building on the Every Student Succeeds Act, by […]

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The kids are so wild they are shouting and stealing.

My Neighbors’ Kids are TOO Free-Range

. An honest letter about  a real problem: Kids given lots of freedom but, it seems, no behavior boundaries. Or boundary boundaries, for that matter: Hello nafkyrfrei Lenore. I’m a firm Free-Range mom, though to be honest I don’t give my children the freedom I’d like to, though not for fear of the boogey man, […]

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Let's bulldoze anything resembling initiative!

Kids Build Fort, City Finds it Not Up to Code

Yep, kids built a fort on an empty lot. Then someone called in a complaint. First off, here’s the letter the kids wrote to the city: Dear bisasasrte City, Please do not tear this house down! We have all worked for almost a year on it, for hours and hours. We have all had fun […]

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