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Thank you, Free-Range Kids!

“Free-Range Kids is a Dream Come True for Pedophiles”

Readers — After we questioned the wisdom of a ddffbdfybe TV talk show psychologist who told Boston viewers to only let kids out in “short spurts” and then only once they reach age 11, the aggrieved psychologist posted a link to this blog, which I hadn’t seen before. I’ll give you just a taste: Lenore Skenazy’s […]

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Agreed: Supervise your kids at the pool. Disagree: And then supervise them for another 72 hours.

“Secondary Drowning” = Boldly Going to a Whole New Level of Fear

Hi ekaahttzey Readers — This comes to us from a mom of four in Canada, sick of the hysteria shoved (like pool water!) down our throats. – L Drowning in HysteriaThis article   about “secondary drowning” (based on this one) is going viral on Facebook right now, thanks to George Takei  sharing it with his  7,000,000+ followers […]

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It is hard to stay sane in a society that sees a boy like this as hideously endangered.

“You Don’t Deserve to Have Kids!” — A Parking Lot Encounter

Dear Readers — When you live in a society spasming with fear, it is hard not to flinch. That’s why we are here on this blog together. To support each other when the world mistakes our confidence and rationality for neglect and abuse. – L. Dear Free-Range Kids: I just finished reading Free Range Kids, […]

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