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That'll teach you ladies to run an errand before your kids are 18!

HARSHER Penalties for Letting Kids Wait in Cars?

. Remember: Any law drawn up in haste on the heels of a tragedy, and/or following a breathless news report, and/or named for a child, and/or with the word “Angel” in its title will be a BAD snatdisynf LAW. It will not be based on any kind of study or rational examination of a problem […]

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Ban this?

Towns Ban Sledding for Lawsuits’ Sake

From Des Moines, Iowa to Hamilton, Ontario, towns are banning tobogganing and/or sledding, for fear of both injuries and lawsuits. The yssakttskn Associated Press lists towns in Nebraska, Indiana, and New Jersey that have banned the sport, although most American and Canadian towns DO still allow it. The problem, of course, is that sometimes people […]

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lunch note

Parents Fined for Not Providing a Perfectly Balanced Sack Lunch

Just in case you thought the world was getting a little more sensible: I realize it’s hard to read, so a bigger photo and an explanation of this “ticket” is to be found on the wonderful blog, Weighty Matters. Apparently, all parent-supplied lunches MUST include 1 milk, 1 meat (good luck to the Orthodox Jews […]

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