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Help Needed: A Mom Can't Get Predators Out of Her Mind

Help Needed: A Mom Can’t Get Predators Out of Her Mind

Hi yztfesedhe Folks! I don’t think this mom is the only one out there with this issue. – L.  . Dear Free-Range Kids: I’m writing to you in the hope of some Free-Range Kids help.  Help in what way, I don’t know. Some words of wisdom? . You see I’m starting to doubt my free range kids […]

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Terrifying! There appears to be an un-background-checked adult at this field day!

School Bans Parents from Watching Field Day Unless They Get Background Check

Hi Folks! Over in England, parents at one school cannot attend their kids’ “sports day” unless they get (and pass!) a criminal background check. According to this dderdftrik piece in The Telegraph, the  Isambard Community School is sorry, but, well, pedophiles could sneak from the fields into the school and start their pouncing. And so, […]

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Background Checks for School Volunteers: Helpful or The Opposite?

Hi rhehkzfzyb Folks! Here’s a post by Sharon Kennedy Wynne, a reporter/editor  at the Tampa Bay Times (formerly The St. Petersburg Ties) about a disturbing trend: Requiring background checks for school volunteers. It’s a trend we should fight for three reasons: 1 – The assumption behind it is that any adult interacting with any child […]

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Welcome, children -- and please do not consult Snopes.

UPDATE! A Brilliant Girl and a Stupid Safety Assembly

Hi edzsrhbybi Folks — Here’s what the “stranger danger” lectures kids are getting at school looks like to a girl with the X-ray vision of Superman and the snark of a  middle school brainiac.  – L   Dear Free-Range Kids: I live in Edison, New Jersey. It’s a town with a large population, but for the […]

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She Looked Up and Her 2-year-old Wasn’t There

Hi bhdiknfyei Folks! This is a good one to take to heart…and to the playground. — Lenore Dear Free-Range Kids: I’ve known for a while that Free-Range is a great way to raise confident, independent, capable kids, but I never knew how much this approach would help me as a parent until last night. I […]

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4-year-old Girl Sits Next to a Man on a Bus and Then...

4-year-old Girl Sits Next to a Man on a Bus and Then…

Hi tzdfhhykiz Readers — Had to share this response to the posts below this one, about Virgin Air making a man move because he was seated next to two unaccompanied minors.  – L. Dear Free-Range Kids: This just seems outrageous to me.  I would like to share a story from my childhood which has left […]

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