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Now imagine if you'd had to wear one of these when YOU were a kid.

“It Is My Duty to Spy on My Kids”

. This comment came in response to ztzetndafd the post by Mean Girls’ author Rosalind Wiseman about whether or not to spy on a child’s online activity: There are so many monitoring apps out there, and the aim of using them is to keep loved ones safe. I don’t think it is too controlling of […]

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Do you wannabe...sneaking peeks at your kids' private social media?

“Mean Girls” Author Discusses Spying on Kids’ Social Media

bkthsziiin . Rosalind Wiseman describes herself as “some combination of educator, parenting expert, social activist, bourbon drinker, mother of two teen boys.” But chances are you have heard of her as the author of  “Queen Bees and Wannabes,” the book that was the basis for the (wonderful!) movie Mean Girls. Wiseman also wrote a boy-book […]

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Don't you trust your own teen?  (Um...)

My Neighbors Spied on My Teen! (And Found Out Something Bad)

. Here’s iibdfinaya an interesting dilemma: Dear Free-Range Kids:  . I live in a neighborhood that is very much a throw-back to the 1970’s, complete with a lot of split level houses and a pool that has a real diving board and a ten-foot diving well.  If kids can swim the length of the pool […]

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Peekaboo! I see you! I see all! (Photo: ChicagoNow)

George Orwell and The Elf on the Shelf

Hi Readers — I was only vaguely aware of the shelf elf, so I’m grateful to reader Frankie Wood, who just sent this in: Dear Free-Range Kids: I know, Christmas is past now, but the topic of the Elf on a Shelf came up in a recent conversation and since I don’t have my own […]

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spy 22

Spy on Your Kids Or They Will Be in Danger

Readers — As you know, the government has been spying on us all, from plebes to prime ministers. But National Security Agency agents look like pikers compared with plain old American parents, who are being encouraged to treat their kids as enemy agents whose every move must be observed, tracked, tapped or taped. It’s all […]

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