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Sooooo stressful!

“How to Deal with The Stress of Fall”

From nsneafeytt my inbox: Dear Free-Range Kids: Fall started last week and all the signs of the season are in the air. Temperatures are starting to cool off, fall festivals are in full swing, college football is on the weekends, and retailers are pushing for the holidays with sale items. While the fall is a […]

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They're out to get our children!!

Why We Believe the World Is Crawling with “Super-Predators”

Readers — This akhynatera is a great Slate article summing up what the 24/7 news cycle is doing to us as people, parents and policy-demanders. It concentrates on the work of Mary McNaughton-Cassill, a professor at the University of Texas–San Antonio and “leading researcher on the connection between media consumption and stress.” When bad news […]

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