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Wave bye-bye to the sex traffickers! (Photo from BabyCenter Canada)

“My Toddler Was Almost Sex-Trafficked from the Grocery with Me Standing There.” Oh Really?

This bdiyesbnry story comes from a reader named Jennifer who wrote: So I am in 3 separate mommy groups and each of them in the past few days has posted this OMG! alert: http://faithit.com/mom-amanda-cropsey-florczykowski-warns-sex-trafficking/ Jennifer’s plea: Stop this insanity from gaining credibility!  . I’m trying. Here’s the viral post: My name is Amanda and I’m a Longview, […]

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Children being instructed in focus, balance, physics and joy.

Trying to Close the Achievement Gap, We Have Created a “Play Gap”

. File this under The Law of Unintended Consequences, or, more precisely, Force-feeding Young Children Academics Backfires. It comes from an article ershizdrie in the Washington Post by Nancy Carlsson-Paige, author of Taking Back Childhood: …The pressure to teach academic skills in pre-K and kindergarten has been increasing since the passage of the No Child […]

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Yes I'm fine! Quit axing me!

Toddlers With Knives

. Throughout most of history and to this day in some of the world, children learned the great lessons they needed to know — survival, stories, how to gut a goat — without going to school. Often they weren’t even “taught.” The assumption was that kids were naturally curious and would learn by watching, imitating, […]

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One more tweet: "Please stop the calls, emails, DMs, Snaps! OF COURSE we've instituted a catch and release program in dealing with the lice!"

Snark We Can Believe In: Los Feliz Daycare

. Just in case you haven’t seen LosFelizDaycare trfnirziar on Twitter, here’s an introduction. Somehow it has its finger on the sticky pulse of whatever is pickiest, priciest, smuggest and nuttiest in the world of children and their precious adults. You sort of have to read a bunch of them to get the whole vibe which […]

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That'll teach you ladies to run an errand before your kids are 18!

HARSHER Penalties for Letting Kids Wait in Cars?

. Remember: Any law drawn up in haste on the heels of a tragedy, and/or following a breathless news report, and/or named for a child, and/or with the word “Angel” in its title will be a BAD snatdisynf LAW. It will not be based on any kind of study or rational examination of a problem […]

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Let's hear it for the Mounties!

A Missing Kid and the Benefit of the Doubt

. This is how it’s SUPPOSED to work: Dear hfsbsidfsr Free-Range Kids: I feel very fortunate that we live  in Northern Alberta, Canada, where the kids play outside all day, all year! Last summer, we had the biggest scare of our lives.  It was the last day of school and I was resting in my […]

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One small step for mom, one giant leap for her toddler!

Leaving Your Toddler Alone in the Yard for a Sec

Hi sbhhnyhznb Readers — Many folks tell me they’d LIKE to go Free-Range, but aren’t sure how exactly to start. Here’s one mom who took the first (baby) step that some of you might want to try. Good luck! – L. Dear Free-Range Kids: I think this might be the fourth or fifth time I’ve […]

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A Free-Range Soul (So to Speak)

Hi rhnstbndee Folks! I loved this response to the post a few days ago about strangers helping out with tantruming toddlers! This comes from reader Kristi Blue. – L. Dear Free-Range Kids: We were stationed in Germany when I gave birth to my twins in 2002.  I am twin, whose mother is a twin, whose […]

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Safety Tip? “Children Under Five Don’t Ride Bikes”

Hi sidadfkers Readers!  Lisa, the mother of a 3-year-old, who lives in Atlanta and blogs at Organic Baby Atlanta found this “tip” at safekids.org when she was researching bike safety for toddlers: “Because they are not ready to ride bicycles, children under the age of five ride tricycles. “ Notes Lisa: . Wow. What a blanket statement. So there’s never been […]

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