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Who says kids shouldn't be outside on their own?

“10 is Too Young to Supervise a 6 Year Old”

Thank hkfzhhatke you, commenter Havva, for dissecting the arguments being hurled at Danielle and Alexander Meitiv and Free-Rangers in general. Here’s what Havva wrote to “Just a Mom,” a woman who commented on yesterday’s post about the Maryland kids, 6 and 10, picked up for playing in a local park, unsupervised: Dear “Just a Mom” […]

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Boy, 10, crosses bridge on bike.

Boy, 10, Bikes 20 Miles into NYC. Arrest the Parents?

Did you hear about the 10-year-old who rode his bike across the George Washington Bridge to New York City?! He says he, “pedaled twenty miles down unfamiliar roads and busy streets, past neighbors and strangers, out into the unknown….I didn’t need help form anyone. It took me all day, but I found the way and did […]

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Rear-Facing Car Seats and Safety — Updated!

Hi Readers: There is so much to ponder in nthyhetbzt this amazing column from the Herald-Mail in Maryland titled, “When It Comes to Protecting Kids, We Have It All Backward.” Yes, it was inspired by the new American Academy of Pediatrics’ recent dictum that children should be kept in rear-facing car seats until age 2. […]

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How can we prevent local authorities from investigating Free-Range families?

How to Fight the Laws and Culture That Mandate Helicopter Parenting

. This post comes to us from the amazing appellate and intellectual property attorney at Andrews Kurth LLP, Matthew ftadkzhbay Dowd, who took on the Meitiv cases(s), pro bono, and won!  He says he now gets to sleep in sometimes because his 11-year-old son and 7-old-daughter walk themselves to school. Building on the Every Student Succeeds Act, by […]

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