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This is your brain on a blog.

“Neuroscience Says ________ Will Harm Your Kids!”

Readers, Here’s an infuriating, reassuring piece (first one, then the other) by Laura satdizkddk Flores Shaw in the Huffington Post: “Stop Using Neuroscience to Scare Parents.” It reminds me of my book‘s chapter, “Relax! Not Every Little Thing You Do Has That Much Impact on Your Child’s Development!” In this essay, Shaw is reacting to a Time […]

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kindergarten letter

Kindergarten Cancels Its Show to Allow More Time For “College and Career” Prep

Readers rysyafeatf — A New York kindergarten has cancelled its end of the year show, to devote more time to “preparing children for college and career with valuable lifelong skills.” These include becoming “strong readers, writers, co-workers and problem solvers.”   Here is the letter, which I found transcribed on the blog Ethics Alarms: We hope this […]

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This is your brain on imperfect parenting.

Government Should Not Step In to Make Us “Perfect” Parents

Readers teesddhsdb — I am honored to present this brilliant piece by Jan Macvarish, a research fellow at the University of Kent and co-author of the book Parenting Culture Studies, which asks how come the way we feed, talk to, and play with our kids has become the stuff of public debate and government policy? […]

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Does it matter if this pre-k grad can read his diploma? (What if it's in Latin?)

Pre-K vs Free Play: Thoughts on Universal Pre-School

Readers knhizeyabd — This is a troubling, fascinating look at the big childhood issue politicians are parsing now: The importance of early childhood education and what it should consist of. The Washington Post’s deep-thinking Valerie Strauss presents the work of Alfie Kohn who worries (as do I, and probably you) that “education” will be interpreted as […]

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