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Hard to find a "Say Yes to Bullies" t-shirt.

A Question About What is Considered Bullying

Hi All! I have a friend doing research on bullying. His question(s): Has artddizyen any minor incident been classified as “bullying” at your school? If so, what was it and how was it dealt with? Frankly, I’m curious too. No one is in favor of bullying. (Note: political discussions are for other blogs!) But neither […]

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Some sticks hurt more than others....

“Sticks and Stones” — Too Harsh for Today’s Kids?

. Storyteller Tom yrkzkrdrrz Shillue ponders exactly the children’s rhyme I have been thinking a lot about lately, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” It’s annoying that I have to add a caveat here that I do not endorse bullying. (Come on — who does?) (Besides some presidential […]

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(Mis)remember the words of Helen Keller: "Life is a daring adventure...so make sure someone is always taking care of you. Also, avoid lawsuits."

UPDATE! School Insists on Babying Blind, Capable Teen (for His Own Good)

UPDATE: dbzekhkzti Good news! Following talks with the Pennsylvania Council for the Blind, the school district will allow an “orientation and mobility instructor” to appraise Deven’s situation, and possibly allow him to get off the bus on his own (with some caveats). The update is here.  Readers — This  story about a blind kid who […]

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Can we really teach kids to play without serious bullying?

Is There a Free-Range Way to Deal with REAL Recess Bullying?

Hi Folks! I appreciate this writer’s dilemma and asked Jill Vialet, the founder of Playworks , and author of the new book Recess Rules to respond! I love her organization and learned a bunch of almost uncannily fun games at a workshop they gave in NYC a few years back. (And I’m not much of […]

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