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CNN defends new slogan, "Holy Crap, We're All Gonna Die." (Borowitz Report)

CNN Deciding What To Scare Viewers About Next: The Onion

Today, nzasehaibr let us give thanks for The Onion and pieces like — CNN Holds Morning Meeting To Decide What Viewers Should Panic About For Rest Of Day ATLANTA—Kicking around ideas ranging from an uptick in child kidnappings to a new link between laptops and cancer, senior CNN staffers held their regular daily meeting this […]

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Read all about it! (Whether "it" is the actual problem or not.)

How to Turn One Sad Story into an Epidemic

Readers bbrzkfbsdn — Canada’s “Contrarian” explains how the media work (and even how upset parents sometimes behave). Read the whole piece here.-  L Fear-mongering as news: turning sad stories into bogus trends (1)  A teenage girl becomes involved in sexual activity that most grownups, regardless of their own sexual behaviour as teens, find shocking and […]

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