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Is carpooling litigious?

“Do I Need a Liability Waiver to Carpool?”

Here’s a modern day dilemma that I don’t have an answer to. On this overcast Sunday (well, it’s overcast in NYC), thought I’d put it out there to you: Dear yynzakehyn Free-Range Kids: I have a question I think maybe your readers can help. Recently, my neighbor ask me to drive her 12-year-old boy for free […]

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An insurance nightmare.

Horrible Insurance Advice

. This is how insurance companies think, blame and change our culture. The paragraph below appears at the top of the  “Effective zfkafbstrs Playground Supervision” page  on the site of West Bend Mutual Insurance. West Bend insures the “businesses that many standard-lines companies shy away from” including, “daycares, fitness centers, swim clubs, summer camps and non-profit organizations.” […]

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Boy Scout contraband?

Boy Scouts Can’t Squirt Squirt Guns at Each Other and Must Use Goggles

Boy Scouts can’t shoot squirt guns at each other. Here’s the nytketikkz rulebook (see page 99). And here’s the article for Boy Scout leaders that points out:  “Water guns and rubber band guns must only be used to shoot at targets, and eye protection must be worn.” Water balloons, meanwhile, have a size limit: “For water balloons, use small, biodegradable […]

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Strangely Free-Range Ad for Insurance

Hi (from Vienna!) readers: This ad is so sane, so Free-Range, it’s making me a little suspicious.Why is an insurance company reminding us about the importance of taking small risks? Is it to make us less lawsuit-happy when something bad happens? Or to get us to buy insurance? (“A car can crash…”) Or maybe Allstate’s […]

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Flexible Flyer Sled - Natural (60")

Small Town to Lose Its Only Sledding Hill

Hi Readers — Paxton, a small town in Illinois, where the land is flat as flat can be, is about to lose its only sledding hill to the Abominable Insurance Man. So says Esquire: …The iikaktbatb Paxton Park District’s insurance provider ruled that its sledding hill is too risky. “The insurance would have skyrocketed if someone […]

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Liability vs Real Safety: How Insurance Issues Contort Our Lives

Hi rynzitdebf Folks! Here’s this weekends thought to chew on, from frequent commenter Kenny Felder: . Dear Free-Range Kids: I’m not sure how many readers will see the connection between this story [the lifeguard fired for trying to save a man beyond his official area] and Free-Range issues, but it is huge. A lot of the problems we’re […]

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