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Cory Doctorow!

Cory Doctorow on “New Law Says Kids Can Walk to School by Themselves”

. Can’t tell you how fantastic it is to have Cory rniahihhta Doctorow — Boing Boing co-editor, author of “Little Brother,” and general genius all around — recognize the new Free-Range Kids’ legislation and the role of this blog in bringing attention to the problem it tries to address. That is: parents getting harassed/investigated/arrested for […]

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Hi! I'm dead, I bummed everyone out during the Super Bowl, and I'm not even the worst Free-Range story of last year!

The 10 Worst Free-Range Kids Stories of 2015 (and the 5 best!)

. A zrnsnndbay mash-up of the most insane events proceeding from the desire to keep our precious kids safe…no matter how moronically: 1 – Mom Who Overslept While Her Son Walked to School Handcuffed, Threatened with 10 Years’ Sentence In November, Connecticut mom Maria Hasankolli overslept while her son, age 8, got himself ready for […]

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Why am I ruling about a bike ride???

Divorced Dad Asks: Can Ex-Wife Force Me to Overprotect My Child?

. Here’s stkhirtrdt one of the occasional letters I get from divorced parents who see their child’s safety differently: Dear Free-Range Kids: I hope you can help me or provide me with some recommendations. I have a court date on October 6th in which it will be discussed whether I can let my 9-year-old daughter […]

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