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Izzy Skenazy, back when he rode the subway alone as a 9 year old.

Comments By a Nervous Mom After Hearing My Speech

Readers btkedtyhsi — A mom sent this to me after hearing my talk. (To book me, see my lenorespeaks.com page.) What I appreciate about this note is how hard it is to counter the constant fear  we’ve been conditioned to feel, and how brave and bracing it is to start fighting back. – L. Dear […]

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Calling all parents!

Swiss Mom Can’t Understand Helicopter Parents — and Schools

Readers — One of the things I try to explain in my talks, bfbkektfai book and blog is that some present-day parenting practices (and laws) that just seem “wise” now will be considered downright detrimental in the future, or are considered weird NOW in other places. For instance: Dear Free-Range Kids: I can’t thank you enough! […]

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Can I hold you this way till you're about 37?

Does More WORRY = More LOVE?

Readers zthazabeab — This is a fantastic essay from Parents, by Kara Corridan, the magazine’s health editor. Read the whole thing here.  – L Worry Doesn’t Equal Love by Kara Corridan Lately I’ve felt as though I’m part of a competition I didn’t enter. It’s called “Who Loves Her Child More?” And I seem to be […]

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The Cool Morning Air Condenses a Boy

Mom Upset that 10 y.o. Will Have to Walk to School

Folks zkaanbessn — What age do you think kids can safely start walking to school? I’d say age 7, because that’s the age in a lot of the rest of the world. Which is not to say younger is dangerous — I walked to kindergarten in the suburban Chicago of way-back-when. Must’ve been five. I’m […]

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Jaycee Dugard’s Take on Overprotective Parents

Hi tkhhitskhh Folks! I am inspired by what a reader named Allison sent me on Facebook. You may be, too. — L Dear Free-Range Kids: I’m reading Jaycee Dugard’s book “A Stolen Life.“ and in it, she says: It still scares me, the fact that I can’t protect my daughters from everything. What mother wouldn’t want […]

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