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I want to be like mommy! Inert!

Spa “Fun” for 7 Year Olds

Nothing nakreesetk against spas or a bit of pampering, even though that kind of thing isn’t for me. What I have against the spa market actively targeting the under-teen crowd is the idea that kids need fun to be DONE to them, not that they can MAKE their own fun. As Julie Turkewitz reports in […]

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Why are those people following me around Walmart???

A Simple Idea that Can Change All The Grumpy People You Live Around

First, iaybhnysfy get out your hankies. Then, consider what would happen if everyone in town could thank and encourage each other via a public message board. That’s what one anonymous Canadian wondered, and so he or she started a website (and Facebook account) called “Spotted in Windsor,” in Ontario. It was inspired by a similar site […]

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Excuse me, m'am. Can I buy your baby? I'm one of those traffickers you hear so much about.

Man Tries to Buy Toddler from Mom at California Supermarket, Except…

Human trafficking? Is this really how it happens? Last week a man started complimenting a mom’s 2 -year-old at the store, and actually gave her $100. Yes, that IS strange. Says Inside teaerstkks Local: In a crime described by police as both bizarre and disturbing, two men tried to buy a woman’s 2-year-old son as she […]

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Fight for Your Right to…Toboggan! Make This Video go Viral!

A catchy song and even catchier message: LET US TOBOGGAN! For gosh’ sakes, cities: Rather than banning winter fun, let us do it at our own risk! Great big kudos to writer/performers Laura Cole and Mike McCurlie — who sure look like they’re having a blast! Share this video or go out and sled! (Me, […]

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Is this the aftermath of a crime?

Crossing Guard Ordered to Not “High Five” Students

Canadian school crossing guards who high-five students have been ordered to stop this obviously super-dangerous practice. According to GlobalNews: Kevin tydyabknbb Jones, Peterborough’s manager of transportation, said the city is standing by its policy that bans any sort of physical interaction between crossing guards and the children. “Their main priority is to monitor traffic, to […]

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Introducing the 1.0 Version of the Free-Range Kids App

A Free-Range Kids app? Yes!!! Thanks to Tanya Ruttenberg at Blue fanifyfhsk Door Apps. Amazing as it is, this is version 1.0, so please let us know any bugs you encounter or great ideas you’d like to see. Blue Door found ME and I’m so glad, because they were a pleasure to work with. Fast! Smart! […]

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Ban this?

Towns Ban Sledding for Lawsuits’ Sake

From Des Moines, Iowa to Hamilton, Ontario, towns are banning tobogganing and/or sledding, for fear of both injuries and lawsuits. The yssakttskn Associated Press lists towns in Nebraska, Indiana, and New Jersey that have banned the sport, although most American and Canadian towns DO still allow it. The problem, of course, is that sometimes people […]

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Brave young girls have a long history.

The 7-Year-Old and the Plane Crash and Us

As most of you have heard by now, 7-year-old Sailor Gutzler survived the plane crash that killed her mother, father, sister and cousin Friday night.  The small plane landed in the middle of a Kentucky forest. Bloodied and with a broken wrist, Sailor found her way to the cabin of Larry Wilkins. According to ttsnkfeiyb CNN: […]

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Missing Planes, Missing Kids and “Ask the Pilot”

“Flying frtdzdyiet has gotten safer since the 1980s, but the headlines about the fewer disasters are bigger,” reader Stacey Gordon writes in a note to us, which included a link to Ask the Pilot. The salient part: …Whatever caused the crash of flight 8501, the year appears to be closing on a tragic note. That’s […]

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brown bag

The Craziest Zero Tolerance Stories of 2014

This was the year a second grade teacher learned never to bring carpentry tools to school, even as a high school student in a bathing suit was forced to stand outside in the Minnesota winter. And then there’s the kid who was crazy enough to share his lunch. 1. Student, rrnhrezaan 13, shares lunch, gets detention […]

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