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That'll teach you ladies to run an errand before your kids are 18!

HARSHER Penalties for Letting Kids Wait in Cars?

. Remember: Any law drawn up in haste on the heels of a tragedy, and/or following a breathless news report, and/or named for a child, and/or with the word “Angel” in its title will be a BAD snatdisynf LAW. It will not be based on any kind of study or rational examination of a problem […]

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Can you tell me how we got so far from "Sesame Street?"

Very First Episode of Sesame Street: How Much is No Longer Allowed?

. In my isznfatrsk lectures I often point out that it is NOT our imagination — our expectations and fears for our kids have changed dramatically in a relatively short time. To prove it, I note that at the beginning of the “Sesame Street, Old School” DVD, which features highlights from the first five years […]

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Teens are not tots.

Teens Can Do More than We Think

. As we ease our way into 2016, let’s consider it kfszbkhsar The Year of the Can-Do Kid, reminding ourselves that children are capable of much more than society assumes. It’s not a bad impulse that makes us want to help our kids. No one wants to see kids hurt or harmed. But our societal […]

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Because the outdoors is no place for kids!

Of Course Kids Can’t Play Outside Unsupervised!

. Mom’s too busy to go outside with you, kid? Then clearly the only option is a $159.95 indoor play system. Because you couldn’t possibly go outside UNSUPERVISED and play with FRIENDS, or even even ENTERTAIN YOURSELF, right? Mom must be right there! Always! And so we present: . . As ykytbhhhta commenter Judy C. […]

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