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In our desire to keep our kids safe, we are locking some of them up.

Kids As Young As 9 Are on the Sex Offender Registry…for Life

. Southwestern ydksernkir Law School Professor Catherine L.Carpenter puts it bluntly in her new research paper, Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative. “Truth be told,” she writes, “we are afraid for our children and we are afraid of our children.” Being afraid for our kids has lead us to create ever harsher sex […]

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“Let Them Go!” — The Meitiv Family Anthem

. Fresh from the Meitivs narhiskers of Maryland — the family famously investigated TWICE for child abuse simply for letting their kids walk home from the playground alone — comes this video starring parents Danielle, Alexander, and kids Rafi and Dvora (and some other relatives). I think you know the song! . .

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How can we prevent local authorities from investigating Free-Range families?

How to Fight the Laws and Culture That Mandate Helicopter Parenting

. This post comes to us from the amazing appellate and intellectual property attorney at Andrews Kurth LLP, Matthew ftadkzhbay Dowd, who took on the Meitiv cases(s), pro bono, and won!  He says he now gets to sleep in sometimes because his 11-year-old son and 7-old-daughter walk themselves to school. Building on the Every Student Succeeds Act, by […]

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Cory Doctorow!

Cory Doctorow on “New Law Says Kids Can Walk to School by Themselves”

. Can’t tell you how fantastic it is to have Cory rniahihhta Doctorow — Boing Boing co-editor, author of “Little Brother,” and general genius all around — recognize the new Free-Range Kids’ legislation and the role of this blog in bringing attention to the problem it tries to address. That is: parents getting harassed/investigated/arrested for […]

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Welcome to summer science camp, kids!

High School Program or Sing Sing?

. My friend, neighbor, and inspiration, Dan Akst, showed me this rbfzybbazd column of his about a science program one of his twin sons attended two summers ago at a New York State university. Though the program was for high school juniors — kids about 16 or 17 — here’s what the brochure promised: Resident […]

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What's missing? (Hooray!)

Schools Try 4 Recesses a Day — Kids THRIVE

. Reading rszzkshntt this piece about four Texas schools that upped the number of recesses for their kids — with fantastic results — made my stomach clench. I thought back to my sons’ grammar school, which had only 20 minutes a day of recess, and took even that away when the kids were “acting […]

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