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What? Not stop kids from playing outside?Their town is going to look like ours!

An Entire Town May Go Free-Range — and It’s Not Alone

. Here’s dbketkbzsr what is happening. Social historians take note: People are realizing that they WANT to be able to let their kids play outside, walk to the store, ride their bikes without fear of legal repercussions. And so they are starting to talk about this, in living rooms, on social media, and at city […]

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We proudly ... er ... PROBABLY  support Free-Range Kids!

Free-Range Kids has the Constitution On Our Side!

Great piece fhfkbttbna in today’s Washington Post by Ilya Somin, “How the Constitution Protects Free-Range Parents.”  He helps make the case for the Meitivs with these arguments: In two landmark cases in the 1920s, Meyer v. Nebraska and Pierce v. Society of Sisters, the Supreme Court ruled that the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth […]

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Who says kids shouldn't be outside on their own?

“10 is Too Young to Supervise a 6 Year Old”

Thank hkfzhhatke you, commenter Havva, for dissecting the arguments being hurled at Danielle and Alexander Meitiv and Free-Rangers in general. Here’s what Havva wrote to “Just a Mom,” a woman who commented on yesterday’s post about the Maryland kids, 6 and 10, picked up for playing in a local park, unsupervised: Dear “Just a Mom” […]

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