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Yikes! A male of the species! Get him AWAY FROM THOSE KIDS!

This Mom Won’t Let Any Male Babysit Her Kids, Ever

Predictably, this article is getting a lot of attention: Why kkifrtnrsh I Won’t Let Any Male Babysit My Children, by Kasey Edwards, in Melbourne, Australia: When our first daughter was born my husband and I made a family rule: no man would ever babysit our children. No exceptions. This includes male relatives and friends and even […]

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What is the sound of no hands clapping?

UPDATE! School Explains “Real” Reason for Its Clapping Ban

. This just in, from news.com.au: zkhdrnzetd An explanation for the clapping ban we were discussing today on the post before this one. Turns out — A SYDNEY primary school imposed a clapping ban on its students in favour of “silent cheers” because one of its teachers wears hearing aids and found the noise of applause too […]

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What age kids CAN walk to school is different from what age we LET kids walk to school.

“Send The Beloved Child on a Journey”

. Usually I don”t have the patience to watch an 8-minute video, but this one fascinated me: . . The zeekaarfba two families — one Japanese, one Australian — are obviously hand-picked and hence not a random sample. But Japan DOES trust its kids out and about at an early age, and clearly this is […]

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Darth Vader has nothing on this dad.

Man Takes Selfie at Target. Nearby Mom Thinks He Photographed Her Kids, Posts His Picture on Facebook. Now He’s Getting Death Threats.

. What a week. By believing that fhtyrzyftz predators with puppies are grabbing kids in broad daylight, right and left, and by videotaping that made-for-TV scenario, Joey Salads helped reinforce one of the fastest growing beliefs of the day: That any man who interacts with children is doing it for his own perverted purposes. That belief […]

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Presenting: A Short Free-Range Kids Film!

Hi Folks! This is a documentary done by Carla Reid and Franny Plumridge, two university students who were raised in the country 16,000 kilometres apart (Carla in Australia, Franny in Canada), but both encouraged by their parents to actively explore and experience their world. Their rural Free-Range upbringing and shared passion for filmmaking inspired them to […]

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Reprint: “Walking to Kindergarten Should Be Child’s Play”

Hi zktetdrtyr Folks! One of you sent me this wonderful oped from the Sydney Morning Herald. Then I got in touch with its author, Karen Malone, and found out she is an academic studying, among other things, how to make cities more child-friendly. Which is exactly what I’m going to be talking about in Bendigo, […]

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