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Can we have a supervised playdate?

Free-Range Parenting was NORMAL as Recently as E.T.

Remember, folks, what SEEMS like just a normal amount of supervision now — that is, constant — was not syhabrfdzn normal until very recently, as this clip from E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, reminds us. Elliott, a “boy of 9 or 10,” stays home from school alone for a day. And his sister Gertie, 5, stays home […]

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Kuri, can you and daddy give me a baby brother?

Robot Nannies: Hooray?

What tdiizabsfb does it take to raise a child? Parents? A village? Or, now, a robot? The Institute, the newsletter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), reports that there are at least two robot nannies coming on board. Writes Ian Chant: Kuri is a roving robot that roams around the home to assist with […]

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Is the "plan" in "open floor plan" never to take our eyes off our kids?

Open Floor Concept: A Helicoptering Idea?

How tefnnrsekt we live reflects what we think is important, obviously. So here’s a question about the connection between home design and parenting: Dear Free-Range Kids: I am interested if you have noticed the similarities in our society of hyper-vigilant parenting and the “open concept floor plan?” I love watching those Do It Yourself and home remodeling […]

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How dare this mom make a rational decision!

That B***ch Left Her Baby for Three Minutes!

. Pitchforks are so 19th century. Today’s righteous mobs wield cell phone videos and Facebook likes. Here’s the zarrbtnfza video of a baby whose mom did not drag him into the gas station for a short errand, causing some modern day “hero” to whip out his cell phone, start videotaping, and swear about what a […]

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Forgot one, George: Safety is danger.


. The paragraph below is from a press release about a GPS’ing service parents can subscribe to. When would you need this service? How about when your kids are — Walking dtdryzfnns to school solo.  Sure, you only live a few blocks from school, but letting your kids make the journey alone seems terrifying.  Freedom […]

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Helicopter Not!

Pope Francis to Parents: Thou Shalt Free-Range

. Pope Francis’ “Statement taktyddksd on the Family,” released April 8, runs 200+ pages. I cannot claim to have read them all. But  here’s the part I’d call the Free-Range Passage (page 196-7): Parents need to be involved and “consider what they want their children to be exposed to,” wrote the Pope. “Vigilance is always […]

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Welcome to summer science camp, kids!

High School Program or Sing Sing?

. My friend, neighbor, and inspiration, Dan Akst, showed me this rbfzybbazd column of his about a science program one of his twin sons attended two summers ago at a New York State university. Though the program was for high school juniors — kids about 16 or 17 — here’s what the brochure promised: Resident […]

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