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Wanda Holland Greene, head of The Hamlin School

Wanda Holland Greene’s Thoughts on Free-Range Kids

Readers: A few weeks ago I spoke at The Hamlin School in San Francisco. It’s an all-girl school, housed in re-purposed mansion and headed by the dynamic Wanda Holland Greene. She and I were so on the same page after my talk (and I overheard her say she’d laughed so hard her “stomach hurt”) that […]

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Oh my God -- is that, could it be, oh yes it is: A White van? Our children are DOOMED!!

Warning: Man Seen in Van! Parents, Please Tell Your Kids

From the heartland — Michigan’s Newaygo Public Schools  — comes a warning that’s scary. But probably not the way it was intended to be: Dear Parent: This morning, near 95th & Clay Street, some students and an adult reported a suspicious vehicle near one of the bus stops. The vehicle is described as a white “rusty” […]

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Can we really teach kids to play without serious bullying?

Is There a Free-Range Way to Deal with REAL Recess Bullying?

Hi Folks! I appreciate this writer’s dilemma and asked Jill Vialet, the founder of Playworks , and author of the new book Recess Rules to respond! I love her organization and learned a bunch of almost uncannily fun games at a workshop they gave in NYC a few years back. (And I’m not much of […]

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Do Helicoptered Kids Do Better? A Free-Ranged Young Woman Weighs In on

Hey Folks — I liked this comment on the post from the “Wonderin’ ” mom who looked around and felt perhaps the helicopter parents had done it “right,” and she’d been wrong to Free-Range. Dear Free-Range Kids: Long time reader of this blog, first time commenter. I just felt I had to respond to “Wonderin”‘s questions. […]

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Holy Free-Range Kids, Superman! The guy who drew us spent time ALONE as a BOY at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

Superman and a Boy Alone in New York City

From today’s New York Times’ obit about Al Plastino, who drew scores of Superman comic books from the 1940s through the 1960s, as well as the Superman and Batman newspaper comic strips: Alfred John Plastino was born on Dec. 15, 1921, in Manhattan and grew up in the Bronx. His mother died when he was […]

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