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Part 2: When Is a Kid Ready to Run Errands?

We have several psychologists working on a white paper addressing this very issue right now: What age are kids DEVELOPMENTALLY ready to, say, walk to the store, or to school, or to the neighbor down the block to borrow a rake? Brain, body and consciousness-wise, kids are ready to understand rules and act responsibly by […]

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The Perfect End of Year School Project (Free, Even!)

Teachers! Principals! Counselors! Headmasters! If BEFORE the pandemic kids were passive, anxious and depressed, now they’re passive, anxious and depressed with a passive, anxious, depressed cherry on top.To bring kids back to life, some educators went straight to the problem: Kids had lost their excitement, curiosity and initiative? They would re-ignite it with THE LET […]

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A Reporter Asks: Is It Safe to Let Kids Run Errands?

The fact that a question like that — “How safe is it to let young children run errands alone?”  — is fodder for a news article just shows the era we are living in. An era when normal childhood activities, as well as normal parental decisions, are framed as a threat. Or at least something […]

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Free Mother’s Day “Fill In The Blank” Cards for Kids

Everyone loves the dandelion bouquet and burnt toast that will appear in many bedrooms Sunday morning, accompanied by kids bouncing on the balls of their feet, excited to present mom with such bounty. But for a keepsake, you might want to download the free “Fill in the blank” card we have over at Let Grow. […]

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