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What Kids Want, We Can’t Give Them (Simple Though It Is)

This graph, from a suburban elementary school, represents what after-school club kids chose as their first choice.   There were a bunch of options like chess, music, art — all of which I had my own kids enrolled in at some point in their childhoods. But as you can see from that big, green wedge […]

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When We Don’t STOP Them, Kids Can Do So Much More Than We Think!

Chopping, hopping, shopping, sewing, mowing, going, GROWING! Check out the winners of this year’s Third Annual Let Grow Independence Challenge! It continues to surprise me just how much kids CAN do and how little we LET them do. This video shows how competent (and helpful, happy, proud ‘n’ persistent) kids can be. “When adults step […]

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The Fastest, Cheapest Way to Make Students Normal — and Even Bubbly — Again

Folks, here are the descriptions of Let Grow’s two, FREE independence-fueling initiatives for schools. IF YOU ARE A TEACHER, ADMINISTRATOR, SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, HOMESCHOOLER, or PARENT of a school-aged child, please consider downloading our implementation guides and getting started. The kid you save may be your own. At the bottom of this post you’ll find videos […]

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We Stand with Emma! (She’s 7)

Great grandma Joanne Ward of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, read my piece about the fastest, cheapest child therapy — FREE PLAY. Then she emailed us this worksheet filled out by her pride and joy, Emma, a second grader. Emma is wiser than many an adult, when it comes to what kids NEED THE MOST. In case […]

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Mom Found Guilty of Not Being Paranoid Enough

A mom was put on an Arizona blacklist for letting her son, 7, play at park with his friend, age 5, for half an hour, while the mom bought a Thanksgiving turkey during COVID. She was hesitant to bring the kids into the store and they wanted to play outside. (I’m not naming the mom, […]

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Excellent New Word: Sittervising

The word “Sittervising,” invented by  by Busy Toddler blogger Susie Allison, is a new way to describe a once venerated practice: Sitting around while your kid plays. The fact that we needed a word to sort of sanitize this normal practice just shows what judgmental times we’re living in. If the phrase “Free-Range Parenting” allowed moms […]

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