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kid on bike

A Reporter Asks: Is It Safe to Let Kids Run Errands?

The fact that a question like that — “How safe is it to let young children run errands alone?”  — is fodder for a news article just shows the era we are living in. An era when normal childhood activities, as well as normal parental decisions, are framed as a threat. Or at least something […]

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mothers day prompts

Free Mother’s Day “Fill In The Blank” Cards for Kids

Everyone loves the dandelion bouquet and burnt toast that will appear in many bedrooms Sunday morning, accompanied by kids bouncing on the balls of their feet, excited to present mom with such bounty. But for a keepsake, you might want to download the free “Fill in the blank” card we have over at Let Grow. […]

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kids on street 3

Help Me! I Want to Get My Kids Outside!

You can want your kids to have a Free-Range childhood and then come face to face with the fact that, often, this is simply not “done” in your neighborhood. Most of the other kids are inside on devices or outside, in uniforms. You may worry that someone seeing your kids out and about could summon […]

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A baby in a beige jacket in a stroller on a walk in the spring Park.

Keeping Kids “Safe” in a Stroller Harness is Actually Hurting Their Development

Here’s just one of the many eye-opening chunks of a study of 5–point harnesses (the kind that go around the waist, between the legs and over the shoulders), by social-worker-turned-movement-therapist Barbara Chutroo: Infants’ brains have fewer neurological networks than those of adults but they grow rapidly.  This rapid neurological organization of experience occurs in response […]

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squish and john roccia

What Do You Say to an Angry Busybody?

Random passersby convinced they care more about our own kids than we do? They’re rampant. “Put a sweater on that kid!” “Don’t let her ride that way.” “Your little girl looks so tired!” Those kind of comments are what we might call gran-eurisms: Things a passing grandma might say. Of course they raise a hackle […]

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