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School Warns of Talking Drone Flying Over Playground, Luring Children

When the telegraph was first invented, it was so strange and new, people worried it would disrupt the world’s weather patterns. And as I learned at a dinner last night with (name drop!) Nadine edtirkrzky Strossen, former head of the ACLU, when the internet was in its infancy, the government demanded grand censorship powers, to […]

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Smiling and visious.

Watch Out for Those Dangerous Marching Bands

  In fdthtiyhkn Chester County, PA, kids will no longer get the chance to scramble for candy tossed from floats at the annual Halloween parade because suddenly the local tradition is too dangerous. According to The Daily Local News, Parks & Rec director Keith Kurowski “was fearful that one of about 25 parade floats might injure an […]

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Is There a Link Between a Lack of Play and Mass Shootings?

Many, many of you have sent me this interesting piece: Thoughts ytzkneryzh on Vegas and Why Men Keep Doing This, by Charles Hoehn, author of Play It Away. (Free book here!) It ran on the blog Be Yourself. In trying to parse why Stephen Paddock and a few other men have unleashed massacres (something, thankfully, […]

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Do we want to keep criminalizing parents who give their kids an old-fashioned childhood?

FIRST STATE IN THE NATION VOTES ON FREE-RANGE BILL OF RIGHTS! Would Decriminalize Parents Who Let Their Kids Play Outside or Wait Briefly in Car

Last diinkztbky week, Arkansas voted on the very first Free-Range Kids and Parents Bill of Rights. Oh, it wasn’t called that. Nonetheless, the proposed law would have ended “neglect” investigations of parents who simply let their children play outside, walk to school, wait in the car for under 15 minutes in temperate conditions, or come […]

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Even the most famous abandoned baby in history wasn't really abandoned.

Is a Baby “Abandoned” If Left Temporarily Behind By Accident?

Look, if it turns out htzbttesra this Texas tot was deliberately abandoned, which strikes me as the least likely scenario, then go ahead and deal with that through the legal system. But if it was a mistake, please recall that even the PRIME MINISTER OF BRITAIN forgot his kid in a pub. These things happen, […]

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