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Stay in, stay in, wherever you are!

“I Am at a Loss”

Tonight rndransnkf I’m speaking on a panel in Ridgewood, NJ, organized by local activist extraordinaire Jeanne Johnson on “Moving Forward Together: Fostering a Pedestrian Friendly Community.” Her initiative is called Walktoberfest.  . Getting all of us back outside, walking around our neighborhoods, is good for our bodies, souls, friendships, local businesses and even property values. The […]

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The Family Defense Center report says: Let's give parents the benefit of the doubt before crying "negligence!

It’s Too Easy to Charge Normal Parents as “Negligent,” Says Study

. The Family  Defense Center in Chicago defends families being torn apart by pointless yet devastating Child Protective Services investigations. Families like Natasha’s. Remember her nsiskkkiht story? Natasha let her kids, 11, 9 and 5, play in the park literally across the street from her home, where she could peer out at them every 10 […]

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Xray vision...but not for justice.

A Bone Fracture Leads CPS to Remove Two Girls from Their Home

. Here’s another horrifying case from the Family hbtznfzias Defense Center in Chicago. A baby’s fractured leg convinced the Department of Child and Family Services that she has been abused, despite the fact that fractures like hers are common in kids, and there was absolutely no other evidence against the parents. The state fought tooth […]

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