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A mess is not a crime!

CPS Plans Third Visit to Family for Not Cleaning Up Enough

. Here dbeeyzzyzr is a cry for help — this dad’s and my own. I’m looking for someone to write a post or booklet on “How to Fight CPS” that is not a snarling screed (however cathartic), but filled with relevant laws, websites, and even phone numbers/emails that people can contact for legal help. Let […]

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Let's hear it for the Mounties!

A Missing Kid and the Benefit of the Doubt

. This is how it’s SUPPOSED to work: Dear hfsbsidfsr Free-Range Kids: I feel very fortunate that we live  in Northern Alberta, Canada, where the kids play outside all day, all year! Last summer, we had the biggest scare of our lives.  It was the last day of school and I was resting in my […]

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The cop asked the dad: "Do you know your daughter was out walking WITHOUT A HAT?"

A Girl Walking Down the Street — and the Cops. Twice.

When szaddzfkrs does it make sense for the cops to stop kids and make sure they’re safe? A  mom in Maine writes: Dear Free-Range Kids: My daughter, 9, wanted to hang out with a friend of hers that lives about 2 miles away.  Because neither set of parents could take them, the decided to walk to […]

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“I Was Raised Free-Range and It Crippled Me”

Readers yhdbfabekn — Found this on my “Pro or Con?” page just now: Dear Free-Range Kids: Your website (granted I haven’t read your book yet) speaks of everything from a parent’s point-of-view but have you considered what Free-Range Parenting looks and feels like according to a child? I’m 26 years old and was raised with […]

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