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Would you like to go get a coffee, young lady? Heh, heh, heh.

Attempted Luring? Or Overreacting?

From my mailbox: Dear tskidtrzya Free-Range Kids: I’m currently being blasted in my local mom’s group for my questions about the events outlined in the police statement below. Yes, I agree that a 40 year old man asking a 13 year old out for coffee is weird, but are we really calling that luring now? It […]

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Art thou male? Get thee away from the little children.

“Why I Will Not Volunteer for My Church’s Nursery Anymore”

. Here’s bsbahbkykk how worst-first thinking and insurance issues (the two are linked, of course) corrode community, example #763: Dear Free-Range Kids: I previously had helped a couple of times in our church’s nursery. Due to gaps across caregivers on the latest occasion, I was approached by a kiddo who needed to use the potty, and […]

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Here's God judging Adam. But at least it's not on Facebook.  (Courtesy of William Blake)

The Onion Nails it AGAIN about Parenting

. Almost every time I’m interviewed about “Why rhtisasdba I Let My 9 Year Old Ride the Subway Alone” (and he’s 17 now!), the interviewer finally leans over to ask, “But Lenore, how would you have felt if he never came home?” Since I think the interviewer can pretty much guess how I’d feel, it […]

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Welk-ome terrorists!

Accordion Causes School Evacuation — and It Wasn’t Even Played

. Who among us dares to polka fun at this near tragedy? According to Harold tfzhhihhef Reutter at the Grand Island Independent, in Grand Island, NE: Accordion causes school evacuation A suspicious package that resulted in the evacuation of approximately 900 students and staff members from Walnut Middle School Wednesday afternoon turned out to be […]

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