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Maria is raising six kids. This one got himself up and out while his mom slept, which is somehow a crime.

The Mom Arrested for Oversleeping Speaks Out

. This is from Maria Hasankolli, the Connecticut mom who was arrested for oversleeping while her 8-year-old son got ready for school and started walking there on his own. She wrote it in the comments to yesterday’s iksibtzaar post here about her. (Boldface mine.): I may be tossing a pebble in the pond here, but none-the-less; Lucan […]

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If I'm found guilty, I can go to jail till your 18th birthday, son!

Update on Mom Who Was Handcuffed and Arrested for Oversleeping

. Maria Hasankolli, the iiritkyaty Connecticut mom who was arrested after police found her son, 8, walking to school while she overslept, had her court appearance yesterday. Here is what she wrote: So I just left court. I was informed that “risk of injury to a minor” (my charge) carries with it a ten year […]

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Hmm. What gift could you possibly buy for your friends who are parents? Hmm...

And Now a Note from Your Sponsor

. Just got this in the mail and had to share. And if you’re thinking about a holiday gift…here’s azdbbnzafr the link! – L. Ms. Skenazy, I’m a first time mom. I found your book on a whim. It’s the best thing I’ve ever read. And I was an English major/teacher so I’ve read a […]

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Go to school already! I'll be fine!

11-year-old Delivers Her Mom’s Baby…Then Goes to School

. Before you read this little piece, ask yourself, “Would I let an 11 year old babysit?” Most people today would probably say no. Perhaps this will have them reconsidering. The tseiebdizy Birmingham Mail reports: An 11-year-old girl from Tamworth single-handedly delivered a baby – then calmly went to school for the day. Caitlin Burke […]

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