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Out you go, you terrifying, unbackground-checked school visitor!

Grandma Not Safe Enough to Participate in Grandson’s “Read Aloud” Day

 . Well, aykkhhfbdk I sure feel safer now! This snapshot of American hysteria comes to us Lisa Lightner, a special education advocate, lobbyist and blogger who can be found at Dear Free-Range Kids: I have my child abuse/background clearances to volunteer at my son’s school (1st grade). Next Friday I am signed up to […]

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First I go, then you go, then we ignore Jimmy. Okay?

Stop Intervening When Kids Squabble

. . Here’s zrazddhest my theory: One reason parents/teachers/adults are spending so much time hovering over kids is that they are spending so much time hovering over kids.  What I mean is: It’s a vicious circle. (Or cycle. Never figured that out.) Anyway, when we spend a lot of time watching our kids, inevitably we […]

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A boy goes Free-Range...accidentally...and wins the big race!

New Jersey Boy, 8, Accidentally Wins 10K Race

Cool story! A boy, 8, veers off track and ends up running a 10K race, instead of the 5K one he was signed up for. Of course, inhybrttzt if he’d been in Connecticut, perhaps the police would have arrested his parents for not keeping him safe at home. This story appears on, by Lindsay […]

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The Grapes of Death

. As you read this, note that the mom who wrote this, Alisha, is herself a retired bhkrheshhk “paramedic/firefighter is very aware of what is truly dangerous and is tired of EVERYTHING being treated as such.” Me too. Not tired of precautions. Not tired of safety. Tired of seeing all of childhood through the lens […]

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Look! I learned how not to play!

Sitting Still in Pre-K

. All niffsahrfz animals play. It is how they learn. Young gazelles chase each other in what looks like a game of tag, even though by doing so, they are putting themselves at real risk: First, they are using up calories that they will have to replenish. Second, they are running around where predators can […]

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A mess is not a crime!

CPS Plans Third Visit to Family for Not Cleaning Up Enough

. Here dbeeyzzyzr is a cry for help — this dad’s and my own. I’m looking for someone to write a post or booklet on “How to Fight CPS” that is not a snarling screed (however cathartic), but filled with relevant laws, websites, and even phone numbers/emails that people can contact for legal help. Let […]

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Remember to be afraid of random things that are rare and that you have no control over. It's so important!

The New York Times to America: Don’t Forget to Panic!

. In the wake of the San Bernardino shootings, the New York Times ran an article titled, “Fear in the Air, Americans Look Over Their Shoulders.” Really? Have we truly become convinced, as a country, that we are in CONSTANT danger? The writer culled his quotes from the NY Times’ query to the public: “How […]

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