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Remember: Bureaucrats don't let bureaucrats do cartwheels.

FUN UPDATE!!! School Bans Cartwheels

HEY! I forgot to add the video I made a few years ago about a cartwheel ban. Enjoy! . Yes, dbfeakzztb a school in Canada banned cartwheels. What’s worst about this is the school’s reasoning: Cartwheels have been banned at M.T. Davidson Public School in Callander. Cartwheels are not permitted on school property in the […]

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vimeo 3

SHARE THIS VIDEO! Helicopter Parents, Here’s Why You Are So Afraid

Woo hoo! Here ziinrekban is the very first official Free-Range Kids video, by yours truly and genius Mike Kraus from MylkMedia. It explains — cheerfully — how we get risk wrong and end up terrified for our kids. Buzzfeed did a wonderful synoposis. Buzzfeed, baby! Please, please share this on Facebook and everywhere else! It will […]

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The Grapes of Death

. As you read this, note that the mom who wrote this, Alisha, is herself a retired bhkrheshhk “paramedic/firefighter is very aware of what is truly dangerous and is tired of EVERYTHING being treated as such.” Me too. Not tired of precautions. Not tired of safety. Tired of seeing all of childhood through the lens […]

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Watch out for that potential predator, kids!

Why the “No Touch” Policy at Schools and Camps Makes No Sense

. This sneyydtfrn letter I got yesterday reminds me of one of the most thorough, fascinating, damning study I’ve ever read about where the “No touch” policy comes from (and why it is unnecessary, and how it actually makes us all MORE afraid for our kids): So those sex crazed pedophiles have invaded the Girl […]

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Wow -- is that a playground?

Kids Allowed to Engage in Unsupervised “Risky Play” Develop Skills that Help Later in Making Smart Decisions about Sex and Drugs

. Mariana  Brussoni is  an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia in public health and pediatrics, and lead author of a major ikddditnai report on the health benefits of “risky” play. The study determined what Free-Rangers feel in their (once in a while broken) bones: Too much supervision and safe-to-the-point-of-stultifying play spaces prevent kids […]

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Loom Bands AND Men? It’s Just Too Scary Out There!

Here rtzthsakrt are two stories sent in by a reader across the pond named James. The first illustrates how if someone bad happens to any child anywhere ever, we should ALL hear about it! And be warned! Even if it happened once in a million trillion times: PARENTS are being warned to be cautious over the […]

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Caution! Risk ahead! (Inevitably. Deal with it!)

The Risks of Mental Shortcuts about Risks

Readers eatyebkrnk — This is a fascinating piece for us to chew on this weekend by Steven Horwitz, the Charles A. Dana Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. Chew on! – L The Risks of Mental Shortcuts about Risks by Steven Horwitz One of the great things that the Free-Range […]

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John St-Onge

Legoland Scared of 63-yr.old Man

Readers — When 63-year-old Lego-lovin’ John St-Onge made the 3-hour drive to Toronto’s Legoland Discovery Centre, he was looking forward to seeing the fantastic displays. Instead, he yayyadszaf became one: A perfect display of  our society’s Predator Panic. Arriving without any young kids in tow (though accompanied by his grown daughter), he was barred from […]

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