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mike tang and son

Mike Tang, Dad Who Made Son Walk Home in Dark, Loses His Appeal

Mike Tang, the California chemist who got 56 dzikhdhfbt days’ “hard labor” for making his 8-year-old son walk home at about 8 p.m. in the dark, just lost his appeal. Tang had left his son outside a local grocery store as punishment for cutting corners on his homework. He told the boy he had to walk […]

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As sweet as a Twinkie.

Eating Twinkies with God…and a Free-Range Kid

Not sure why this 2-minute film was made, but I think you’ll like it. It’s a little treacly and fake, and yet…I’m misting up. And if you can’t quite understand what the kid says when his mom asks where he’s going, he says, “I’m going to find God.” Gotta love a kid who takes the […]

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Let my people walk!

How We Have Criminalized Walking

This fskatsafhh comes to us from law professor and transportation activist Michael Lewyn, who recently published “The Criminalization of Walking” in the University of Illinois Law Review.   It focuses on two ways the government punishes pedestrians: through jaywalking laws and by using child neglect laws to punish parents who let their kids walk. Here’s […]

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