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Nothing bad should ever happen if parents just watch every kid every single second of every single day!

Not Every Tragedy Contains a Moral

A reminder from a reader that the way we package our “news” ends up affecting the way we see the world, and our job as parents. And the easiest way to package any story is by making it seem as if X could have been prevented SO EASILY, if only a parent had been more […]

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The tragedy unfolds.

Of Alligators, Gorillas, Tragedy and Blame

. There eintsyifaf has been an outpouring of online sympathy for the parents of the boy who was killed by an alligator at a Disney resort in Orlando, which just goes to show that sometimes the internet has a heart, and sometimes it calls for blood. . The question is why.  . In contrast with the half […]

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Turning an unpredictable tragedy into a mom-shaming meme.

The Gorilla, The Boy, The Mom and the Shamers

. The account below seems to capture the shocking and chaotic scene bhrensehfe at the Cincinnati Zoo, where a toddler wiggled his way into the gorilla exhibit and had to be saved, unfortunately by zookeepers shooting Harambe, the 400-pound gorilla holding onto him. The gorilla died. The boy has been treated and released from the hospital. […]

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Here's God judging Adam. But at least it's not on Facebook.  (Courtesy of William Blake)

The Onion Nails it AGAIN about Parenting

. Almost every time I’m interviewed about “Why rhtisasdba I Let My 9 Year Old Ride the Subway Alone” (and he’s 17 now!), the interviewer finally leans over to ask, “But Lenore, how would you have felt if he never came home?” Since I think the interviewer can pretty much guess how I’d feel, it […]

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Quit Trying to be So Safe!

Hi ntyaznaike Readers! This was a comment on the post two below this one, and I was nodding along so much, I decided to give it its own post. It’s by a woman named Nanci, who describes herself as “a Midwest mom of two.” — L. Dear Free-Range Kids: ….  I really think the bottom […]

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HELP NEEDED: How to Calm a Parent Who Fears Danger AND Blame?

Hi Readers! Here’s my situation: When I speak with parents who feel they really have to watch their kids ALL the time, often it’s not just because they fear  that otherwise “something terrible” could happen. It’s also  because they fear that IF something does, THEY will be blamed. So even if parents are pretty sure their […]

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