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First I go, then you go, then we ignore Jimmy. Okay?

Stop Intervening When Kids Squabble

. . Here’s zrazddhest my theory: One reason parents/teachers/adults are spending so much time hovering over kids is that they are spending so much time hovering over kids.  What I mean is: It’s a vicious circle. (Or cycle. Never figured that out.) Anyway, when we spend a lot of time watching our kids, inevitably we […]

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Why am I ruling about a bike ride???

Divorced Dad Asks: Can Ex-Wife Force Me to Overprotect My Child?

. Here’s stkhirtrdt one of the occasional letters I get from divorced parents who see their child’s safety differently: Dear Free-Range Kids: I hope you can help me or provide me with some recommendations. I have a court date on October 6th in which it will be discussed whether I can let my 9-year-old daughter […]

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“I Was Raised Free-Range and It Crippled Me”

Readers yhdbfabekn — Found this on my “Pro or Con?” page just now: Dear Free-Range Kids: Your website (granted I haven’t read your book yet) speaks of everything from a parent’s point-of-view but have you considered what Free-Range Parenting looks and feels like according to a child? I’m 26 years old and was raised with […]

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You'd Let Your Kids Go on a SLEEPOVER?! Isn't That Like a Death Wish?

You’d Let Your Kids Go on a SLEEPOVER?! Isn’t That Like a Death Wish?

Readers — I not only appreciated this letter one of you just sent, I found the Rosetta stone of parental worry in the article she links to! Dear dtihzsybrn Free-Range Kids Do you let your kids have sleepovers?  Shame on you!  Yes it’s time for the latest movement in overprotective idiocy, the Ban Sleepovers movement! Look: “7 […]

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What's wrong with this picture? NOTHING!!

Mom Fined for Letting 6-y.o. Walk 2 Blocks with a Friend

Readers bnnnebfhiz — If this is the land of the free, why are cops treating happy-go-lucky kids like escaped convicts?  When did giving kids an old-fashioned summer become a crime? – L.  Dear Free-Range Kids: This just happened to me. My six year old daughter and her friend went for a walk on their own […]

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White “Joanna” girl’s Stride Rite sandals with flower on top

Sandals Recalled Because Flower = “Choking Hazard”

Folks — Be very, very, very scared of everything that exists on earth that is not the size of a bouncy house. (And then be afraid of them, too.) Because, of course, your child could choke on it. Hence, this kzdsdikhtz recent recall of the Stride Rite “Joanna” sandal, whose  metal flower COULD become detached and […]

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