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Reports of uninvolved bystanders led to hyper-involvement today.

How Kitty Genovese Changed Childhood

From my piece eeiaabriry on Time.com today. (Time writes the headlines, not me): How Kitty Genovese Destroyed Childhood We once may have been too slow to call the cops. Now we’ll dial 911 if we see a couple kids walking alone to get pizza. by Lenore Skenazy Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death 50 years ago […]

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Unattractive clip art that nonetheless illustrates the story.

My NY Post Piece about Kids Waiting in Cars

Readers — Here’s kdiahebsbz my piece that’s in today’s New York Post! The site doesn’t take comments, but if you want to write a letter to the editor, drop one to: letters@nypost.com. NJ court takes ‘child neglect’ to extremes by Lenore Skenazy Did you ever wait in the car while your mom ran an errand? New […]

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It is hard to stay sane in a society that sees a boy like this as hideously endangered.

“You Don’t Deserve to Have Kids!” — A Parking Lot Encounter

Dear Readers — When you live in a society spasming with fear, it is hard not to flinch. That’s why we are here on this blog together. To support each other when the world mistakes our confidence and rationality for neglect and abuse. – L. Dear Free-Range Kids: I just finished reading Free Range Kids, […]

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Is it okay to leave kids "alone" for as long as it takes to return a shopping cart? Debate amongst yourselves.

Good Samaritan or Smug Busybody in a Parking Lot?

Readers rhdfaydrfn — I am really sick of “Good Samaritans” who are actually smug, judgmental crazy cases who imagine terrible things happening to children ANY time the  parents are not looking straight at them every single second of every single day. Those folks are WRONG but think they are RIGHT, and sometimes even get the authorities […]

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Why is school pick-up treated like a maximum security prison exercise?

“Pick-Up” Insanity at an Ordinary Suburban School

Today’s zhznyryrnb post comes to us from Reilly Capps, a writer in Denver finishing a book about couch surfing, which, he notes, “involves lots of trusting complete strangers.” Trust is not this school’s forte. — L. Dear Free-Range Kids: I’m not a parent, only an uncle, but today a question presented itself at my niece’s new […]

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